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Wolf by CiaraTheDestroyer13 Wolf by CiaraTheDestroyer13
I really want others' opinions on this. Please let me know anything that will make it look better and more like a wolf. I want to use this as a base for any wolves I draw(pelt coloration). So please anything that will help while still having an anime look to it will help. Thank you! 
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Critique by Naughty2Hands Feb 19, 2014, 2:37:59 AM
Yes there are allot of techniques that you could use but i think stippling with some really obvious fur lines would work. It should really bring out the drawing and keep it anime looking. In the case of a anime sketch the shading isn't very important nor does it need to be precise but it is a good practice. This outline you have is good and the position the animal is in is relativity ok. Just need to really fix up those lines and make them sharp because that it the mistake most anime artists make. Anime is usually sharp and simple with some detail.
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I found your work in the critique-boutique group, and hope I'll be able to help you push your drawing a bit more. I'll be critiquing with the understanding that you'd like it to have an anime look, and focusing mostly on technique, since that was the lowest rating.

Anime and realistic art both benefit from having an attention to anatomy - anime just happens to be one particular way of stylizing anatomy. With that in mind, the first place you should start is by looking up reference images of wolves. Always, always, always partake of some good reference! This will help you choose a pose that is dynamic and flows well. The pose you've chosen here could use some more excitement. For example, his feet are very evenly spaced, and his back line is very straight along the horizontal axis of the page. Check out this image, and see at the bottom just a few of the many interesting poses a wolf can take:… A dynamic pose right off the bat can help draw the attention of viewers.

Once you have a strong pose in mind, start sketching out construction lines - these are very simple gestures of the main areas of mass (like hips, chest cage, head) as well as direction of the limbs, which will create more flow in your pose. Here's an example:… Don't be afraid to use many lines and shapes in your initial drawing; you can then choose the best lines to mark over more darkly, to create that stylized anime look you're going for.

Again, always keep anatomy in mind. Look at where joints bend, for example in the legs and feet. You have a lot of straights in your legs, but not much articulation at the elbows, toes, or underlying muscles. Practice drawing as many variations of your character as possible, before you commit to one final pose. Draw at least 6-8, before you choose the one you want to go with. These kinds of drawing exercises are called studies - just like studying before a test is helpful to do well on that test, so are making studies of a character helpful in the final rendition of that character. Yes, it's a lot of work, but I promise it pays off in the end! Here's an example of a good wolf foot study:…

Regarding your vision, I know you want to achieve that anime look! Keep at it, because the artists who draw the anime you watch have been doing that work their entire lives, and you'll get there too :)

Regarding originality, the sorts of details that you add will make it stand out as original from other drawings of wolves that have been done before. Things like color, background, flow, design - these can all benefit the originality of a piece.

Regarding impact, as I said before, I think bringing some more dynamic poses into your work will help it grab the viewer's eye, even as a thumbnail. Think about how big of a visual impact you want to make, and go for it!

Hope this helps! :)
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Howlecho Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2014  Student Digital Artist

Hi, hope you don't mind me sharing my advice, :)

first things first you have the basic anatomy structure down, which is good. As others have said, the best thing for improving it is looking at photos, studying dogs by drawing from life, and drawing from references. Practice makes perfect! ->…

finished piece from before -…

As Gae-ta says, the wolf does look like he's floating. Drawing the wrist joints and bone/muscle structures in the legs will add the 'weight' to him quite simply. The hock bend is also too high up, its an easy mistake to make, I used to do it too when I first started drawing. As above, just study wolf photos and practice until you get it right. :)

Every artist has their own style so its about finding a style that works for you, but I work by drawing the shapes of the pose, ie circles etc before refining the pose until I'm happy before adding the colour. I can spend ages tweaking a pose until I'm happy! It might seem strange at first but it really does help. :)

Anime isn't a style I can draw well, but even cartoon animals have the basic guidelines in anatomy like the joints in legs etc so it does pay to study it. Once you've got it in your head you can experiment with styles much easier. :)

Hope this is helpful. :)

CiaraTheDestroyer13 Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
it does help thank you very much!
Gae-ta Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2014
Imo you should focus more on the paws, they way they are drawn it looks like the wolf is partially floating/suspended by wires. Like this earlier drawing you drew… that one is good, the paws looks like they are firmly attached to the ground and supporting the body's weight. 
CiaraTheDestroyer13 Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
okay thank you! :meow:
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